Precision planning for IT start-up and emerging-growth companies.


Digital Fourtress LLC was formed by serial entrepreneurs in the IT field to support g startups and early growth companies in South Florida. South Florida has been known for years as the entertainment capital and gateway into Latin America for European and US business interests for the export and imports of goods and services but not for IT. However, since 2011, with the launch of incubators and accelerators in South Florida including the Lab of Miami, Venture Hive, RockerLabs and e-Merge Americas we have seen a new IT community develop and grow. South Florida is an international hub that fosters a robust entrepreneurial atmosphere; a perfect regional location to build a sustainable IT community to parallel and support its international trade community.


Digital Fourtress is helping IT start-ups build and scale successful enterprises

Market Plan and Intellectual Property

Digital Fourtress  can help you define the target market and customer/s,  size of your market, price points of your product to penetrate the market and how to sell to your target market whether it is through channels, d


Business execution and oversight

To build a successful company, clear vision, strategy, lean-cash methods and milestones must be clearly defined and understood among all the key stakeholders in the company. Accountability


Strategic planning

A healthy corporate strategy matches the company's internal core competence with external business opportunities.  Your vision, purpose and elevator pitch should embody your strategy. We can review and assess a company's internal conditions and e


Funding of start-up or emerging-growth company

How should a start-up or emerging growth company raise capital? Crowdfunding, HNW individuals, friends, VCs or ?  A question all entrepreneurs face as they  begin to run short on resources to execute on their vision. S




Classy raises $18M for charity crowdfunding

Classy, a San Diego company that provides online fundraising tools for non-profits, is itself the beneficiary of a substantial amount of cash. The crowdfunding-for-causes startu


Scaling Up Your Lean Revenue Machine

Scaling Up, from Verne Harnish, is a practical handbook on all the little things, done right, that let savvy firms achieve exceptional growth. It combines engaging talent, savvy st


Over $1 Billion in Crowdfunding in March !

Mumbai: The first quarter of calendar year 2015 saw a surge in investments from angel investors and venture capital (VC) funds as they sought to get capture a piece of fast growing