Market Plan and Intellectual Property

Market Plan and Intellectual Property

Digital Fourtress  can help you define the target market and customer/s,  size of your market, price points of your product to penetrate the market and how to sell to your target market whether it is through channels, direct or indirect. Other key points we can address are:

Does the company’s have the core competence best fit regional, US or global market opportunities?

Who is the competition and how are you different ?

How do you protect your Intellectual Property? Patents, Copyrights ?

What alliances should you can consider to scale your business ?    

Do you need licenses? What are the regulatory risks ?

Every company should be able to answer these questions and an investor will want an answer. We have over 2 decades of experience with IT startups and have helped raise over $100 Million and we can help make sure your market plan is “market” ready.